POR (Price On Request): Any rental with the price tag listed as POR means that the owner does not have a fixed rate or the listed rental. Please contact the owner to find out the rate which may vary depending on different seasons (high or low).

Caution for holiday makers: Never pay the full amount of the rental fee before arrival. Most holiday rental owners require a deposit ranging 25-50% of total rental fee before arrival unless otherwise. Vibanda.com is only responsible for listing the holiday rental submitted by owner, agent or property manager and we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages that might occur before or after your stay. Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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What is vibanda.com?

Founded by Angelo Ngugi Becker, a visual designer by profession and social entrepreneur at heart, Vibanda.com is the first East African rental listing platform that was strictly started up for a good cause. It is an initiative of Neema International, an NGO based in Bonn, Germany that was founded by 7 young adults, majority of Kenyan origin, living and working in Germany, the US and UK.

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How does Vibanda.com work?

It is quite simple. We offer our services for a good cause. You can search for your perfect holiday rental for free. Vibanda.com offers a list of one of the most unknown, but great holiday rentals in East Africa. Our search engine is simple and effective. Search by country, location, P.O. Box, rental type (Serviced Apartment, Holiday Villa, Beach Cottage, Hostel, Room in a Residence, no. of bedrooms, no. of bathrooms, sleeps (max), duration, price or rental Id).

Vibanda.com allows you to directly get in touch with the rental owner via email, telephone number or fax. Additionally, we have partnered with companies to make your arrival as comfortable as possible. Click here to see our partner list

Is registration required to search your database?

No registration required. Search for free and get in touch directly with a rental owner. No hidden costs, we promise.

Are listings on Vibanda.com verified?

No. Listings are fully and directly provided by the rental owner or their management. We do not warrant or verify listing information, but we try to check up who is listed on our database in order to assure good customer service through Vibanda.com. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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How much does it cost to list my holiday rental?

We offer reasonable packages starting from Free. See our pricing list and find out what feature each listing package offers.

Why is it important to upload Terms & Conditions?

Uploading your T&C is not essential, but we recommend you to do this to improve the communication between yourself and the occupant. You need to list down your rates, payment procedures, extra charges, and any other information that cannot be posted on the profile but is relevant if one decided to rent your holiday rental. We only allow uploads of T&C files in form of PDFs (max 5 MB).

I have a website and I am listed on several platforms. Why list on vibanda.com?

List your holiday rental for a good cause. 100% of the profit generated through this platform will be returning to Neema International e.V. for ground-breaking, long-term social projects. Neema International guarantees transparency in every cent that comes in through this platform and/or through it’s website. Join us and help us create smiles.

How do I list my holiday rental?

To list your holiday rental in our platform you need to first register as a new user. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email to the address you provided. Please follow instructions in the email in order to successfully log in and list your holiday rental. Upon login you can upload all your rental details (rental description, features, photos, availability, etc) on our simple online form and choose your membership package before submitting. That is it! Check out the How To section on guidance to upload your rental.

Notice: We will frequently control profiles to ensure that the registered user has actually posted a rental. If you do not post your rental within 14 days upon request, we are obliged to deactivate your account until further notice.

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Please get in touch via the following email or send us your rental files and we will upload your rental for free. Email: rentals(at)vibanda.com

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Finally…No more hours of searching for a rental when planning my holiday. Thumbs up vibanda!

- Bernhard Schmidt

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