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First off, what does ‘Vibanda’ mean?

‘Vibanda’ means ‘Shelter’ in Swahili.

Vibanda.com aims to build an innovative product that will not only be commercially viable and economically sustainable for local businesses in Kenya, but also benefit communities and promote education and health by supporting the young NGO, Neema International e.V based in Bonn, Germany (also soon to be registered in Kenya) with their upcoming social projects in Mukuru Slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Part of the profit generated through this platform will be returning to Neema International e.V. for ground-breaking, long-term social projects. Neema International guarantees transparency in every cent that comes in through this platform and/or through it’s website: www.neema-international.com

Vibanda.com will therefore be a platform that will not only benefit the holiday rental owner and guests to Kenya, but with your help, Vibanda.com will be able to establish itself in the East African hospitality industry, which will again allow Neema International e.V. to enlarge its resources and together we can deliver crucial opportunities – like education – to the remarkable women and children of Neema International e.V. and make an investment in the long-term future of their families and communities.

Vibanda.com – We List Your Travel Accommodation For a Good Cause

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Clean design, easy to find rentals and top quality service.

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